About Us

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Who We Are
Engaging the services of a landscape contractor should be a satisfying and rewarding experience for you.  You will be making an investment in enhancing and/or caring for your personal or business property and it is of the utmost importance that you can trust the firm with which you will be working.    You must have confidence that the people of this firm have the experience, talent, equipment and work ethic to produce what they commit to on paper.  You should be assured that the staff will be efficient, diligent, respectful and willing to “see” the details that make all the difference.  You should be comfortable in knowing that, if there are issues or problems, they will be dealt with promptly and to your satisfaction... This is who we are!

Our Team
The team at Miller Landscape boasts a solid core of middle management staff that makes Miller Landscape the company that customers like to refer their friends and associates to.  Several of these Account and Project Managers have been with us for over 10 years or more.  They are the “make-it- happen” people who manage the daily work load and make sure our customers are more than pleased with our services and workmanship.

Under the supervision of these Account and Project Managers, our uniformed teams arrive at your site with clear instructions and the proper materials to get the job done in an efficient manner.   We often receive compliments on our people in the field.  People appreciate their courtesy, attention to detail and thorough clean up of each site.  Many of these people started with us in their youth and now support their growing families at Miller Landscape.

Our administrative staff keeps our network humming, the billing accurate and the phone pleasantly answered all week long.  Two Sales Assistants and an Office Manager are well-versed in all aspects of the business and can “work miracles” when challenges occur or deadlines draw near.  They are also scheduling wizards!

We are very pleased to have a full-time certified mechanic on staff.  With our large fleet of vehicles and extensive array of equipment, our mechanic and his assistants assure that the work of our 45 staff members can proceed on schedule.  [This is particularly important during fall clean-ups and the heavy snow season!]

Our Sales Team is dedicated to providing our customers with all the information they could possibly need to make the best choices for the care and enhancement of their properties.  Our on-staff Horticulturalist, along with our award-winning design team are “on-call” to make sure every needed resource is available to our customers.

At the top, overseeing and supporting each team, is our General Manager.  With extensive training and in-depth industry knowledge, he is responsible for Miller Landscape’s bottom line, which is dictated by the level of customer satisfaction we enjoy.   His internal mission statement is, “If you are not serving the customer, you had better be serving someone who is.”
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Our History
Miller Landscape began with two brothers [from a family of 13 children] and a borrowed lawn mower in 1966.  Bob and Bill Miller operated out of their parent’s home for several years and then shared a piece of property with another brother near the location of the Pontiac Silverdome.  By 1985, they were in need of more land and purchased 10 acres near Joslyn Road and I-75, their current location, in Orion, MI  [across from Great Lakes Crossing Mall [at that time it was still a dirt road and woods!]

In their efforts to remain "on the cutting edge" environmentally, they established a recycling facility for landscape materials at their site on Brown Road in 1988.  During that same year, they became one of first landscape contractors in the country to utilize Computer Aided Design [CAD] for their landscape plans.  Both Bob and Bill have taught in the Landscape Technology Department at Oakland Community College over the years, and they continue to serve as advisers to various educational programs in the area. Miller Landscape continues to stay "on the cutting edge" by offering full 3D designs to our customers.

Over the years, Bob and Bill Miller developed the company into a unique, multi-faceted landscape service and design/build firm employing over 67 people.   Although neither gentlemen push lawn mowers today, their passion for the work of landscaping drives them to continually develop their company and maintain its reputation as an industry leader.

Under the leadership of General Manager, Jeremy Miller, our company has continued to improve and those improvements have spurred consistent growth.

With the assistance and dedication of our seasoned and loyal staff, we were able to transform our business into a modern, full-service landscape contractor with consistent business processes designed to improve the customer experience.

We take the knowledge, training, and business systems with us as we continue to grow and work towards becoming the most reputable landscape contractor in the state of Michigan.
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